Top 5 Restaurants for Outdoor Winter Dining in Huntington, NY


The allure of dining under the open sky has always been a cherished tradition during the warmer seasons. However, the advent of the pandemic has significantly magnified this trend, making outdoor dining a sought-after experience even in the chilliest months. Establishments have creatively adapted by introducing heated tents, igloos, and greenhouses, offering a cozy refuge where guests can enjoy their meals in comfort while adhering to safety protocols.

Huntington Village, a vibrant community known for its culinary diversity, has seen local restaurants innovate to provide exceptional outdoor winter dining experiences. Here’s a closer look at the establishments leading the way in creating warm, inviting outdoor settings that promise both safety and a unique dining atmosphere:

The Top 5 List

  1. Finley’s of Green Street, 43 Green Street, Huntington, NY: Finley’s sets the standard for outdoor dining with its multifaceted approach. The restaurant features an outdoor gazebo area equipped with hanging heat lamps, a heated deck adorned with heaters, and the charming addition of two heated igloos. Indoor seating, spaced six feet apart, ensures guest safety, complemented by the culinary innovations of their new chef, Howard Fay, who has revamped the menu, making it a topic of enthusiastic conversation among diners.
  2. Harbor Mist, Cold Spring Harbor: Nestled in Cold Spring Harbor, Harbor Mist is celebrated for its exquisite selection of steak, Italian, and seafood dishes, enhanced by breathtaking harbor views. While summer brings tented seating open on all sides, the winter transformation includes four heated, illuminated igloos that offer a picturesque dining experience overlooking the water. These igloos accommodate up to eight guests, with minimum spending requirements varying between weekdays and weekends. Reservations are highly recommended due to their popularity.
  3. Konoba, Huntington Village: Embracing its Croatian Mediterranean heritage, Konoba prioritizes diner safety without compromising the dining experience. The introduction of “Konoba Bubbles” for outdoor dining complements their indoor safety measures, which include Hepa-13 filtration and UV light sterilization. Guests interested in experiencing these cozy bubbles should contact the restaurant directly to make a reservation.
  4. Kashi, Huntington Village, NY: Among its five locations, Kashi in Huntington Village stands out for its intimate dining setup featuring two heated greenhouses situated directly in front of the restaurant. These private and cozy spaces are ideal for romantic first dates or a quiet evening away for parents needing a break. Advanced booking is advised to secure one of these sought-after spots.
  5. Joanina: Stepping into Joanina is like being transported to Italy, but for those preferring or requiring outdoor dining, the restaurant offers a large tented area in their parking lot. This setup caters to guests looking for an alfresco dining experience with the assurance of safety. Reservations are recommended to guarantee seating in this popular outdoor dining area.


This list celebrates Huntington Village’s vibrant and innovative outdoor dining scene, yet there are undoubtedly more hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Which establishments do you think deserve a spot on this list? Share your favorites and recommendations in the comments below!