Best Outdoor Dining in Huntington, NY


As the summer sun blesses us with its warmth, the allure of dining al fresco in Huntington Village becomes irresistible. This season, immerse yourself in the diverse culinary landscape that this vibrant community has to offer, ranging from classic American delights to the exotic flavors of Croatian cuisine. Going Local is here to guide you through the top dining destinations where you can savor the beauty of outdoor dining amidst the charming backdrop of Huntington Village.

Embark on a Culinary Journey with Our Top Picks:

  1. Finley’s of Green Street: Topping our list, Finley’s offers an unparalleled outdoor dining experience with seating options both in the front and back. The front patio, adorned with tables and umbrellas, presents a welcoming atmosphere, while the backyard offers a unique ambiance with various seating areas and decks, complemented by an outdoor bar that swings into action for happy hour every Friday at 4pm. Dive into a menu that boasts delectable dishes like the French Dip, succulent Burgers, and the crowd-favorite Lobster Rolls. Their generous salads and locally-sourced ice cream from The Ice Cream Chick highlight Finley’s commitment to supporting local businesses. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, Finley’s is a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy great food in a fantastic outdoor setting.
  2. Leilu Huntington: Nestled on New Street, this family-owned gem champions the spirit of local camaraderie through its diverse initiatives, including a pop-up art gallery featuring local artists and an exquisite outdoor mural by Splashes of Hope. Enjoy the vibrancy of live music while dining outdoors, and don’t miss their seasonally rotating menu, with the must-try Devil Balls. Leilu is open from Tuesday to Sunday, offering a cozy spot to enjoy art, music, and fine dining under the open sky.
  3. Konoba: Situated on Gerard Street, Konoba invites you on an authentic Croatian voyage right in the heart of Huntington Village. From the Croatian tunes filling the air to the vivid images of Croatia adorning the walls, every detail is curated to transport you. Savor the rich flavors of Croatian cuisine at their outdoor tables, perfectly placed for a romantic evening following a movie date. Open seven days a week, Konoba is your gateway to Croatia this summer.
  4. Cafe Buenos Aires: Discover a secluded haven in their alleyway, where private tables set the stage for an intimate dining experience. Specializing in wine and seafood, Cafe Buenos Aires promises a sublime escape on any given Sunday afternoon. The oysters come highly recommended for those sharing a meal. Available for your culinary pleasure seven days a week, it’s an ideal spot for those seeking privacy and exceptional cuisine.
  5. Spotlight on New York Ave: As a multifaceted venue, Spotlight at The Paramount excels in delivering diverse entertainment, from live performances to culinary arts and visual exhibitions. Its unique outdoor bench seating offers prime people-watching opportunities, making it an excellent choice for dining before or after enjoying a show at the Paramount. With its doors open seven days a week, Spotlight is a testament to the creative and culinary vibrancy of Huntington Village.


This summer, let your taste buds lead the way as you explore the exquisite outdoor dining options in Huntington Village. Supporting local businesses not only enriches your dining experience but also strengthens the fabric of our beloved community.