The Top 5 Sweets and Treats in Huntington Village, NY


Huntington, NY, boasts the title of the most trendsetting downtown on Long Island, a distinction that extends impressively into its dessert landscape. This vibrant village is a paradise for sweet-toothed aficionados, offering a delightful array from freshly baked goods to exquisite macarons and inventive specialty doughnuts. Huntington Village’s dessert scene is a testament to its culinary diversity and innovation, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to indulge in exceptional sweet treats.

Exploring Going Local’s Top Picks for Sweets and Treats in Huntington Village, NY:

These selections, presented in no particular order, highlight the best of what Huntington Village has to offer in the realm of desserts. If your go-to spot didn’t make the list, be sure to mention it in the comments!

  • Fiorello Dolce at 57 Wall Street is the exclusive home of the “Frenagel,” a culinary masterpiece blending a French Croissant with a Bagel. Available in unique flavors like Scallion Cream Cheese with Fleur de Sel and Maple Walnut with Cinnamon Raisin Cream Cheese, it’s a must-try for any food enthusiast. Beyond the Frenagel, their Croissants and Flourless Chocolate Cakes are divine, promising a truly gourmet experience.
  • Bon Bon Chocolatier, a cherished establishment for over four decades, epitomizes chocolate craftsmanship. Operated by a local mother-daughter duo, this chocolate haven offers handcrafted, small-batch confections that are as delightful to taste as they are to behold. Their seasonal displays and selection evolve, drawing crowds especially during peak holiday seasons. This spot is perfect for those seeking artisanal, hand-dipped chocolates.
  • Crave Cafe and Bakery, situated at the bustling corner of New York Ave and Main Street, is renowned for its inventive desserts. Whether it’s the whimsically named specialty doughnuts, gluten-free macarons in flavors like strawberry shortcake or Oreo, or their vivid cake slices, Crave is a haven for dessert lovers. Their specialty coffee drinks and the picturesque upstairs seating add to the allure, making every visit memorable.
  • Butter Cooky Bakery on New York Ave gracefully steps into the legacy left by the famed Reinwalds Bakery, offering a plethora of baked goods that affirm the belief that “Butter makes it Better!” The recent expansion to include a cafe and additional seating, alongside an extended menu, ensures that Butter Cooky Bakery continues to be a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike.
  • Chip n Dipped, also on New York Ave, is the ultimate destination for cookie enthusiasts. Their claim to the perfect Chocolate Cookie is backed by fresh, all-day baking and a wide selection of chocolates, gifts, and candies. The open-window baking allows customers to witness the creation process, adding an interactive element to the indulgent experience. For those looking to share the joy, their nationwide shipping and delightful gift baskets make Chip n Dipped a standout choice.


Huntington Village’s dessert scene is rich with flavors, creativity, and passion, reflecting the vibrant culinary culture of this Long Island gem. If there’s a spot that holds a special place in your heart and didn’t appear on this list, share your favorites and why they’re exceptional in the comments. Let’s celebrate the sweetest spots Huntington Village has to offer!