The Best 10 Pizza Places in Huntington, NY


In the bustling streets of New York, where the quest for culinary perfection is never-ending, pizza stands as a unanimous favorite. However, while good pizza is a common find, the people of New York are in pursuit of greatness in their slices. Huntington Village, nestled in the heart of NY, rises to the occasion with an impressive array of pizza parlors within a 10-mile span, offering its dwellers a rich selection to satisfy their cravings.

The diversity in Huntington’s pizza scene is remarkable, ranging from the classic thin crust to innovative flatbreads and the unique offering of cold cheese pizzas. To navigate through this abundance of choice, I embarked on a quest, polling the locals to unearth the true gems among the plethora of options. The outcome is a curated list of the top ten pizza places in Huntington, NY, celebrated for their unmatched flavors, innovation, and dedication to the craft of pizza making.

The Top 10

10. Starting the countdown at number ten is SouthDown Pizza at 211 Wall St. This establishment has been a staple since 1967, known for its broad menu that spans beyond pizza to include pasta, desserts, and more. Their Wednesday pasta special and Thursday pizza deal are not to be missed, along with standout pies like the Chicken Bacon Honey Dijon and gluten-free options. For a sweet finish, their chocolate-dipped cannolis and Zeppole’s are a must-try.

9. Guiseppe’s Pizza, at number nine, is a cornerstone of Huntington Station at 1727 New York Ave. Here, the sesame seed crust and sweet sauce create a memorable first slice, compelling many to return. Fresh ingredients and swift service are the hallmarks of Guiseppe’s, making it a cherished spot among locals.

8. Johnny D’s, situated at 946 New York Ave, claims the eighth spot. Since opening in 2005, Johnny D’s has won over the community with its use of fresh ingredients and a menu that features specialty pies such as Grandma, Sicilian, and a low-carb, low-fat pizza, all at affordable prices.

7. Seventh place goes to Victor’s Pizza and Pasta House at 712 Walt Whitman Rd. Their classic New York slice and heavenly garlic knots have made them a longtime favorite in Huntington, promising an unforgettable pizza experience.

6. Porto Fino, located at 395 New York Ave, stands at number six. Esteemed for its traditional recipes and premium ingredients, Porto Fino crafts slices that are robust in flavor and texture. Their garlic knots are unparalleled, and the art mural on the building adds a unique touch to the dining experience.

5. Fifth place is claimed by Campania at 235 Broadway Greenlawn Rd. A hidden gem discovered through my poll, Campania is celebrated for its full pies, which come highly recommended by the locals.

4. La Nonna’s Pizzeria takes the fourth spot with its address at 75 East Main Street. Offering a diverse range of pizzas from round to square, gluten-free to extra thin, and specialty pies, La Nonna’s is a testament to tradition and quality in every bite.

The Top Three

3. In the top three, Rosa’s Pizza at 313 Main St, comes in third. A tight race among the top contenders, Rosa’s stands out with over 15 types of pies, though their plain cheese slice shines brightest, embodying the essence of Huntington’s pizza scene.

2. Second place is awarded to Di Raimo Pizzeria at 76 Wall St. A true local staple, Di Raimo captivates with its Manhattan reminiscent slices that have a fragrance so enticing, it’s common to indulge in not one, but two slices.

1. Topping the list at number one is Little Vincent’s at 329 New York Ave. Renowned for its cold cheese slices and late-night service, Little Vincent’s has cemented its place as Huntington’s favorite, proving that sometimes, simplicity and tradition reign supreme in the world of pizza.


This list reflects Huntington’s vibrant pizza scene, showcasing establishments that not only serve delicious pizza but also contribute to the community’s rich culinary tapestry. What’s your favorite pizza place in Huntington, NY? Join the conversation and share your picks in the comments!